The Problem

Coral Reefs are a vital piece of our Earth's ecosystem, and they're declining at an alarming rate. The Caribbean alone has lost 50% of its coral reef over the last 27 years due to climate change.

Photo: Remnants of a decimated coral reef in the Caribbean.

Coral Reefs Are
Important For Everyone

We all rely upon coral reefs to produce oxygen (much like the Earth's rainforests), food, materials to develop new medicine, and protection from weather. Locally, businesses and fishermen rely on them for their livelihoods.

Photo: Fertalized coral embryos.

Your Donation
Put Into Action

Your donations pay for resources we need to continue our work; cryo storage facilities, a laser warming system for thawing coral embryos and eggs, repairs to our flow cytometer, and general laboratory expenses.

Photo: Dr. Mary Hagedorn and Virginia Carter (MSc) deposit frozen coral samples into their bank.